Experiences of infertility and fertility treatment: A qualitative research and online resource development project


Do you have experience of fertility problems, infertility and / or fertility treatment?
Are you aged 20-55 years?


We would like to interview you to understand what it is like to experience fertility problems, infertility, and / or fertility treatment. We would like to hear about how you first came to realise you had fertility problems, if you have sought medical or other help, your experiences with fertility treatment (if you have tried this), how infertility has impacted on your health, relationships and personal life, and anything else you’d like to share.

Based on information we gather, we will produce online resources detailing the experiences of infertility and/or fertility treatment among people presumed female at birth (that is, people whose original birth certificate recorded their sex as ‘female’)1. This includes cisgender2 women, and trans and non-binary people presumed female at birth. The online resources we develop will be aimed at supporting and informing others going through these experiences or caring for someone experiencing infertility or fertility treatment.

Interested? Contact us on (03) 9925 2800 or at MCHRI-HealthtalkAustralia@monash.edu, or complete the Expression of Interest form below and a member of the research team will contact you.


1 We acknowledge that the language used to describe gender is fluid and contested, While we have consulted the National LGBTQI Health Alliance in regard to the language used in this and other documents related to this project, we understand that not everyone will relate to the terms used. 

2 A cisgender woman is a woman presumed female at birth

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